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Why Happiness Is Overrated

I want to start off by stating the I love the feeling of happiness and I enjoy every moment that I have experiencing it when it comes along organically. Happiness is not an emotion that I strive for or try to achieve due to how volatile this emotion can be. Happiness is an emotion that based on an outcome from which we have set a goal or a task in our own mind. The problem with this is that we will not always find ourselves either reaching those goals or coming up short on the tasks that we set out to do. This will leave us being let down frequently and finding us in a state of unhappiness. The emotion I want to talk about today is joy and I hope you too will strive to find joy after you have read this blog.


Joy! Much like happiness, but completely the opposite as well. You see as I stated before happiness is a response emotion. Meaning, we are happy if we win the championship or happy if we pass the test that we’ve been studying for, but what if we come up short on winning that championship or passing that test? What feeling are we going to experience? Life is full of ups and downs just like a roller coaster and in some of the cases we have no control of where we will be going next. This is why joy is so much more powerful of an emotion than happiness. You see joy is a feeling we get when we do what we were put here to do! Joy can be found in every turn of our journeys not just when we reach the end goal.


I know for sure, 100%, that I was put here to be a chiropractor and I knew that this path was not going to be easy and that there were going to be many ups and down along the way. Graduating high school, going to college and getting a degree and playing basketball, getting into chiropractic school, passing chiropractic school and getting a license are all goals that I set out to achieve. I knew that there would be setbacks along the way, but they did not bother me because I found joy in the journey it took to get there. I knew if things didn’t go the way I wanted them to at the time, that I was doing what I was put here to do! I found joy in everything it took to get me there no matter the circumstance.


By finding joy in the journey I inadvertently found myself reaching my goals and surpassing them. If I did not love and find joy in the journey I can almost guarantee that I would not be in the position that I am today. Joy can be found in any and every journey that we have. I am continuing my journey to be a better husband, to be a friend and to be a better chiropractor every single day. And it is because I find joy in those journeys that I will grow and improve in them every day as well.

Best of health,

Dr. Matthew Zager DC

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