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New Patient

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New Patients - Welcome

Your First Visit:

We would love to see if you're a candidate for chiropractic care!

Book Your Consultation Today:

We'll Get Back to You as Soon as Possible!


      Next, you will sit down with Dr. Matt to discuss your case in further detail to determine if you are a good candidate for chiropractic care.


      Dr. Matt will conduct a detailed examination of your spine and the supportive structures surrounding it.

Welcome To Our Office:

        As you enter our clinic you will immediately be greeted by our kind staff upon entering the office.  In order to make your visit as convenient as possible, print the “New Patient Forms” located at the bottom of this page and bring them to your first visit.  A photo ID and any necessary insurance provider cards will be additionally required.  Once our staff processes your paperwork, you will be given a brief tour of our facility.


       If your particular case warrants the need for x-rays they will also be taken as part of your examination.  X-rays are great tools in helping the doctor rule in or out specific conditions of the spine and also are a great tool in helping the doctor develop a care plan that will fit your needs specifically as an individual. The doctor will review your x-rays with you one-on-one when you return for your report and findings.

New Patient Paperwork:

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